Simple game written in c# .net.
Break all white blocks with minimum moves.
Left and right shift blocks, or jump on block.
Up go through the block, down destroy block.
50 levels.

It is free for any use.

	Pavel Popelka


  PgUp,Enter - next/reset level
  PgDown,Backspace - previous/reset level
  numpad digits - level number
  F11,Alt+Enter,Control+Enter - switch fullscreen
  Ctrl+Z,Z,Delete - undo
  Ctrl+Y,Y,Insert - redo

  Cursor keys - move
  Shift,Ctrl,Alt - jump (+ left or right)

  X,F4 - mirror x

  left button - move to cursor
  double click ball  - switch fullscreen

command line
  qikuli.exe [levels_file.txt]   

Download: (.net 2.0 required)
qikuli010.zip 11.7.2016 - v0.10 - first version